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Matrixyl Advanced Series

The most visible signs of aging we encounter are wrinkles and expression lines, our Matrixyl Advanced Series is specifically designed to target those visible lines and restore your skin’s natural vitality! Matrixyl is what we call a “messenger peptide”, it sends a signal to protein peptides to boost their production of collagen.

This results in an overall tightening and smoothing effect on your skin – wrinkles become less visible, sagging is reduced and facial contours become more defined. The products in our Matrixyl Advanced Series are all infused with what is known in the industry as the gold standard (Matrixyl) for supporting the dermal matrix – with the specific aim of combatting the visible signs of aging and leaving your skin restored, refreshed and replenished!

All-in-One Series

Curating your daily routine of skincare products can be a bit of a daunting task. Our All-in-ONE Series was created to make those decisions a little easier for you. These are our, multi-tasking, multi-benefit, swiss army knife skincare solutions! Everything from our peptide-packed eye tightening formula to our collagen-boosting face firming serum. Our All-in-ONE Series is all about universality – each of these skincare systems are packed with vitamins, peptides and natural ingredients to combat the aging of your skin!

Glutathiosome Series

Our bodies, and our skin in particular, are in a constant battle against oxidation! Oxidative stress (or oxidation), is the skin’s overexposure to free radicals in the environment that speed up the aging of our skin. So, that’s why this line is all about battling oxidative stress as a means to keep our skin hydrated, firm and wrinkle-free. We achieve that through the use of a powerful anti-oxidant – glutathione, which is actually the only anti-oxidant the body produces. The formulas in this line are heavily concentrated with glutathione, which will act as a protective barrier against oxidative stress and leave your skin visually firmer and healthier!

Re-Densify Series

Our skin has a barrier that has the dual function of protecting us from harmful elements that exist in the environment, as well as locking-in key nutrients that we need to keep our skin healthy – moisture in particular. Over time, this barrier becomes less effective and that results in a sunken in and hollowed appearance to the eyes and cheeks. With this series we have developed our volumizing blend, which will increase our skin’s lipid content to plump up our skin, and give it extra volume for a firm and hydrated look!

Problem Solvers Series

Just like it sounds, the products in our Problem Solvers Series are formulated to target specific concerns and problems. We have our Eye Peel for dark eye circles, our Hair & Scalp serum for grey hairs, and our Neck & Chin cream to specifically tighten the delicate skin in that area. The Problem Solvers Series also has multifunctional such as our Copper Peptide Serum that is really effective at treating sensitive, highly wrinkled, and/or sun-damaged skin!

StemGenesis Series

This line is all about harnessing the medicinal powers of various plants, fruits and vegetables – and modifying their cells to be used for a plethora of skincare benefits. We use Phytocell Technology (plant stem cells), which are unprogrammed plant cells that we can then program to fulfill whatever duty we need for our skin! It’s all in the name – Genesis; the beginning, the origin, the root, untapped potential just waiting to make your skin brighter, smoother and healthier! Our StemGenesis line includes products that utilize all the rejuvenating skincare benefits of apples, orchids, alpine roses, argon and many more of nature’s wonders!

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