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This is a blog that is backed by 30+ years of knowledge and experience in the skincare industry, written with the aim of sharing our tips, (hopefully) interesting facts and stories, and even dispel a few common skincare myths so that our customers/readers can take better care of their skin!


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Welcome to our Skincare Blog!

Isomers Laboratories is a skincare product development and manufacturing company, based in Toronto, Canada.

Isomers is a skincare brand that is backed by the power of science – in that we let our chemistry know-how lead the way. This allows us to produce skincare solutions that are formulated with the right ingredients, and concentrated in the most safe and effective ways to meet our customers’ needs!

Isomers Series

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All In One

Curating your daily routine of skincare products can be a bit of a daunting task.

Problem Solver

Problem Solvers are formulated to target specific concerns

isomers Re-Densify Series


Our skin has a barrier that has the dual function of protecting us from harmful elements


The formulas in this line are heavily concentrated with glutathione


The most visible signs of aging we encounter are wrinkles and expression lines


This line is all about harnessing the medicinal powers of various plants

Isomers has amazing products...people have asked me what I use on my face...I’ve never asked them to mention this when they purchase your products...just hope they’ve loved, appreciated them as much as I do Thank you ...

Ann Rafkin.

I've been using Isomers from the beginning that it was offered. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. From serums, masks to targeted special areas that have been exposed throughout the years...

Lisa K.M.

Hi. I have been using your products for over 20 years. Love them... These products are made with integrity and earth friendly sustainability factors. I love that. Pure product quality...

Kathy J.


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